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Women's Health services offered in Pearland, TX

Women's Health services offered in the greater Pearland, TX area

Regular women’s health care can help you uncover possible health problems before they affect your life. At Botany Wellness, women’s health specialist Jennifer Ukwu, MD, understands your medical and wellness needs. Dr. Ukwu provides complete care in the Pearland, Texas, office, including Pap smears, breast exams, sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening, and contraceptive management. Call the office or click the online booking button now.

Women's Health Q & A

Why do I need women’s health care?

As a woman, you have specific medical needs, especially in the area of reproductive health. Women’s health care identifies, monitors, and treats women’s health problems while preventing serious issues from developing.

Put simply, regular women’s health care can improve your quality of life. Women’s health care might even save your life by identifying and treating, in the earliest phases, breast cancer, cervical cancer, or other diseases common in women. 

What happens in a routine women’s health care exam?

Botany Wellness, Dr. Ukwu covers all female health and wellness needs during women’s health exams. A routine exam typically includes:

Pelvic exam
A pelvic exam is a painless evaluation of your reproductive system. During the exam, Dr. Ukwu usually performs a Pap smear, a test in which she takes a small scraping of cells from your cervix (the uterine opening). She then tests the sample for precancers, abnormal cells that could turn into cervical cancer without treatment.

Breast exam
A breast exam is a manual breast tissue evaluation in which Dr. Ukwu checks for lumps or other unusual changes. If an issue warrants a closer look, she may recommend further examination, like imaging tests. All women 40-75 need mammograms every two years, as breast cancer risk increases with age.  

STD screening
Sexually transmitted disease (STD) screening tests check for gonorrhea, chlamydia, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and other types of STDs. STD tests usually involve a blood or urine collection, but some tests involve swabbing during pelvic exams. If you’re diagnosed with an STD, Dr. Ukwu provides immediate medication or other STD management help.

Contraceptives, whether birth control pills, an intrauterine device (IUD), or another method, require ongoing monitoring. Dr. Ukwu checks in with you to ensure your current plan is effective, and she can help you make changes whenever needed. 

Can I get women’s health care through telemedicine?

Most women need annual women’s health check-ups in the office. You can have most of your routine wellness care at that time. 

But you can have telemedicine appointments with Dr. Ukwu if you have questions, need to follow up on an office visit, need chronic disease monitoring, or have an acute illness. Dr. Ukwu believes in whole-woman care and is always here for you.

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