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Sports Physicals services offered in Pearland, TX

Sports Physicals services offered in the greater Pearland, TX area

Children in Texas need sports physicals before they can play any type of school sport. At Botany Wellness, board-certified physician Jennifer Ukwu, MD,  offers sports physicals to help her patients get the documentation they need to start playing sports. Sports physicals can ensure you’re healthy enough to join a sports team safely, so never skip this vital exam. Call the  Pearland, Texas, office or book an appointment online now.

Sports Physicals Q & A

My child needs a sports physical. What does that mean?

Sports physicals are preparticipation exams that determine if you can play sports safely. The state of Texas requires all student-athletes to undergo sports physicals once a year. Most student-athletes schedule their sports physical about six weeks before the sports practice sessions start. 

This type of physical exam can be helpful even if you’re not a student, as it can allow you to start a new sport without fear or worry. 

What can I expect during a sports physical?

There are two main focuses in a sports physical, including:

Medical history
Medical history includes answering questions about your medical problems, both past and present. It includes listing past hospitalizations or surgeries, discussing any symptoms you’ve had during or after exercise, listing all your medications or supplements, and much more. 

Medical history also covers your family medical history, particularly in relation to inherited diseases and risk of chronic conditions. 

Physical exam
Sports physicals include a physical exam that encompasses all the aspects of your health that could impact your sports participation. This includes:

  • Cardiovascular screening to check for issues like heart murmurs 
  • Neurological screening to check sensory function, motor control, and reflexes
  • Orthopedic screening to check range of motion and strength and look for issues
  • Nutritional screening to evaluate your eating habits
  • Mental health assessment to assess your mental wellness

In addition, Dr. Ukwu discusses sports safety with you. This includes valuable tips about getting enough hydration, wearing the proper protective gear, warming up before sports, and sports recovery. 

What happens after a sports physical?

Dr. Ukwu completes and signs your pre-participation paperwork at the end of your sports physical. This health assessment is valid for one year. 

What if the doctor finds a problem during my sports physical?

If Dr. Ukwu discovers a health problem during your sports physical, don’t panic. She wants you to be able to enjoy your chosen sport safely, and she’s here to help you correct health issues. You might just need something simple, like a medication adjustment, to pass the next sports physical and play sports safely.

Sports physicals are a cash-only service. Book your sports physical online or call the Botany Wellness office today.